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Caitlin Madison

Multimedia Journalist


About Me

Some kids love getting ready for bed because bedtime means story time. They beg for just one more chapter and fight sleep for as long as possible to stay lost in the imaginary world offered only by a good story. 

I was never that kid. 

I hated reading and the only reason I knew what happened in the first Harry Potter was because my sister chased me around the house reading it out loud. 

Then my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Drake, made me read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher and upon its conclusion, I was convinced that I had discovered the next great piece of American literature.

From that point forward I was never without a book. I lived my life in two worlds. My boring reality and whichever fantastical place my latest book took me. 

The feelings that the authors of my books drew from me were powerful and I soon realized that I wanted to wield that power too.

I was going to be a storyteller. 

Not a writer, not an author and not a journalist. Never a journalist. 

Journalism was boring and depressing and why anyone would watch or read the news was completely beyond me. 

Fast forward to my sophomore year in college when I enrolled in a class called Digital Storytelling that was being taught by two local news anchors.

An English Literature major at the time, I would spend the next 16-weeks combining words and images to tell stories in a way that I had never imagined. I shot, wrote and edited my own packages about everyday people with incredible stories. 

The experience blew my mind and for the first time in my life, I had complete clarity about what I was going to spend the rest of my life doing. 

The news.

I love the thrill of breaking news, the challenge of hard news, the power of feature pieces and I have a special interest in athlete profiles.

I'm currently a fourth year journalism major at Rochester Institute of Technology. I will be graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism in May 2017. 

 I currently work as an assignment editor at Rochester's CBS affiliate, WROC-TV.